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Christian Schools Global Connect is a relational model of cooperation and collaboration. Learn more about our mission, below.

Our Mission

The mission of Christian Schools Global Connect is to build a relationship-based network, welcoming partner organisations and individuals to further Christian Education, Leadership, School Partnership and Service Learning, globally. Our four main pillars are:

  • Christian Education
  • Leadership
  • School Partnerships
  • Service Learning

Christian Schools Global Connect seeks to collaborate professionally and relationally on a number of levels, including: research and thought-leadership, roundtables, leadership summits and international conferences, mission and service opportunities, study tours, sponsorship possibilities and school partnerships, teacher training and Christian tertiary education, as well as teacher and student exchange programs.

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Meet Our Team

Kathryn leads the team at Christian Schools Global Connect to ensure the mission of building a relationship-based network is achieved.

Kathryn Button, Director

Kathryn has extensive experience in leadership in Christian and government schools, most recently as the Senior School Principal at Tyndale Christian School in South Australia. She is passionate about global mission and service, and is keen to expand the global vision of schools, and to develop relationships and opportunities for growing Christian education across the globe.

Christian Schools Global Connect Ambassador

Sandra has a wealth of experience in Christian education and teacher training within Australia and beyond. From 2011 – 2018 she was the South Australia Executive Officer for Christian Schools Australia, with curriculum as her national portfolio. In 2019 Sandra co-developed and piloted the EAGLE teacher training program for ACSI India. Sandra’s passion is for high-quality, authentic Christian schools which are fertile places for the transformation of students’ hearts and minds. She loves to promote local and global connections and relationships, inspire teachers and leaders to embrace their high calling, and encourage quality mission and service activities.

Christian Schools Global Connect Ambassador

Sue has been involved in education since 1971 and has worked within Christian Education since 1983. Over this time, Sue has served in a number of roles, including classroom teacher, as well as leadership positions in three Christian schools. Sue has also assisted a number of schools commence operation through Christian Community Schools. More recently, Sue served for thirteen years as the Principal of Charlton Christian College, retiring from this role in 2016. Since this time, Sue has been serving in the role of CEO of New Hope International (NHI) and has travelled internationally to train teachers in developing countries, providing an understanding of Christian Education and its implementation in the local cultural context.

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Christian Schools Global Connect has its main office located in Adelaide, Australia.

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