Global Connect Education Tour to Uganda: 3-19 July 2024

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About Us

Christian Schools Global Connect is a relationship-based network, welcoming partner organisations and individuals to further Christian Education, Leadership School Partnership and Service Learning, globally.

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News & Updates

Catch up on the latest news and information from our friends at Christian Schools Global Connect and learn more about what is happening around the globe.

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Gathering at events with others in Christian educators around the globe is a great way to be connected and encouraged in the important work of Christian education.

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Get Involved

There are many opportunities available to get involved with Christian education, globally, such as service opportunities, partnerships with schools in other regions, staying in touch with news and updates and becoming a partner.

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Access a variety of resources on a range of topics related to Christian education, globally. Additionally, service and outreach resources are available to equip you in your role. Some of these resources will require you to login through the linked pages

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Find a School

Christian schooling is a parent's best choice. We currently provide a service to assist you in finding a school. Selecting 'Australia' will take you to the find-a-school feature of Christian Schools Australia. Additionally, there are many Christian schools internationally that would value connection with an Australian Christian School (eg. in Uganda, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Mynamar). Please click 'International' for further information.

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